Straight Cross-dressers & Women – Part I

One of the thoughts that always bother a straight cross-dresser is finding a woman who not accepts him but also actively indulges in him cross-dressing lifestyle. I have always had fear that I will be perceived differently by women if I tell them I’m a cross-dresser. This also applies to men who know me. [Watch this video: Scene from film ‘Ed Wood’, I completely relate to Johnny Depp’s character] I’m moderately muscular, have interests in gadgets, and keep myself busy reading and researching on topics which appeal to me. You wouldn’t see feminine or ‘pansy’ quality if you ever meet me. Deep down I have this secret that only few of my female friends know. Why is it difficult to find women who are into cross-dressers?

On the other hand, women are allowed are wear jeans and shirts. If a woman works in office, or even works as a soldier, she is congratulated and looked highly upon. While taking on female behavior by any man is considered humiliating, degrading and, often, these men are labelled being gay or faggot, or a sissy.

So the whole point is that – society celebrates anything that ‘becomes masculine’ and rejects anything that ‘becomes feminine’. I came across his awesome video (Click here to watch) blog by Laci Green that you guys should check it out.

So the divine question is – How straight cross-dressers will ever find their dream girlfriend or female companion? Sure there are some extended thoughts on the same topic which I will be sharing in new blog posts. But I will like to know the answers from you. Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Rebecca Watson


  1. Depends on how much of a crossdresser they are and how open they are upfront when they meet her. You definitely shouldn’t hide it only to spring it on her later in a relationship. That can be even more difficult for her.
    But it all depends on the woman too. Some are ok with it in moderation, some are ok with it completely, some are not at all ok with it. You just have to find the right one or you have to be pervasive enough to explain your position and argue it from a logic perspective. For example, make the point the most women today would be considered crossdressers and frowned upon 100 years ago. Make the point that equality should be equal all around. Use commone sense and logic. If she’s intelligent she may change her perspective.

    Most people are not bad people, but they’ve grown up with pre-conceived notions that they’ve never bothered to challenge. Mostly because they’ve never been presented with something that pushes them to re-examine their preconceived notions. They just aren’t surrounded by it enough in day to day life to ever think much about it. That is where our job comes in. Be a revolutionary.

    I write more about these topics on my blog if you want to check that out. I’m subscribed to you now and interested in what else you’ve got to say.

    • Thank you very much for the advice. I agree and also support the idea of being honest when ones starts dating some one. I would do that too, if I get into relationship. I have visited your website but sadly, I am not able to subscribe to your updates. Is there anyway I can do that?

      • You can actually. just doesn’t make it as easy as hitting a follow button since I host it myself. When you go to your Reader on the right hand column there is “Blogs I follow” hit the edit link right next to that and enter the url and hit Follow.

        I have a request into wordpress right now for them to make it easier by adding a follow button for people like myself who self host wordpress.

        Thanks for reading. I hope all goes well for you and I’ll keep up on your adventures. ;0

      • Yes, it worked! Thank you once again. Yes, I will keep updating my blog and I am as much keen to read your blog as you are mine. Have a good day!

      • I just saw your profile and it said you’re a filmmaker. Isn’t it a co-incidence that I’m a filmmaker too! Haha! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the videos, they do hit a cord with me. The one about making feminine products more masculine is so true! Why can’t we embrace feminine qualities in a man without looking down at them? Great points in the video, it pushes back at those ingrained ideas of femininity! Bravo!

  3. I’m a genetic girl who identifies as pansexual. Getting a guy and a girl in one package is pretty damn hot and awesome! My hunch is that girls who identify as bisexual or pansexual would be more open to loving and embracing a crossdresser. 🙂

    • I wish all girls were pansexual. 😉

      You’re right though. I also think girls who bisexual or pansexual will be more accepting towards a cross-dresser.

      Thanks for the comment. I will be posting a new blog-post this week. 🙂

  4. Hi Miss Rebecca. I love Johnny Depp . Great movie . I’m not very high tech but love geeks. I would like to know more about you if there’s room for another friend

    • Hello Anita,

      I would like to be your friend. Of course! Write me on chatbuddy1987 (at) yahoo (dot) com .. without spaces. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. I agree..its hard but not impossible if you have patience, I do have experience and found my partner luckily 🙂 meet me to chat more if you like..:)

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