Who am I?

Hello readers,

I have no idea how this blog is going to turn out. I feel this blog will be my personal space. A place where I will express myself fearlessly.

So who am I?

I was born in India, in a city very close to Mumbai. I am 25 years old now, and I’m an occasional cross-dresser!

I have great, loving parents. They have always been my inspiration. I wouldn’t use words like “blessed” or “fortunate” because I am a non-believer and also don’t have any faith in luck or destiny. I believe in free will and leading your own life, rather than just living the way it shows up. Having said this, I am completely okay with other belief systems.

I first cross-dressed when I was 12 years old. I put on my mother’s makeup. It was a lipstick and some blush on my cheeks. Like any cross-dresser, or transgendered person – I felt happy, but at the same time I was confused. I didn’t think much though. I had other things going on in my life that occupied my mind and I didn’t take my cross-dressing seriously.

In this blog, I will try to connect with many cross-dressers and cross-dresser loving people. I am up for discussions and expanding my online social circle. I won’t be disclosing too much information and my thoughts on this blog entry as I consider it an introductory post.

See you soon guys! And yes, I will always say this – follow your heart and do the damn thing that makes you happy! Goodbye for now.


  1. Hello Rebecca, so nice to see you over on my blog, and presenting this open invitation to the cross dressing community. You have a new follower! All the best, Candy

  2. i was reading your blog with great interest since it seem like my story written by you. its nice to know that there are others exactly like you but not so nice to know that they are in a same situation as you so you really cannot look for any solutions or answers from them :). what surprised me also was to know that you are from India (dont know why but seriously did not expect such a wonderful and open write up from here). I stay in Bangalore and are about 10 years older than you – share all your feelings and thoughts almost ditto. keep writing!

    • Thank you so much Ritu! I have been inconsistent with my blog entries but I will post one soon. Do you have a personal blog of yours? I would love to read it.

  3. hi read about your blog in today’s Toi.. i feel so strange sometime, i used to crossdress when i was living alone, now i live with my parents and don’t get a chance to dress up, also i guess lack the drive to put together a good ensemble, so i call myself a crossthinker.. that is all i have to do is close my eyes(or log on net) and see myself as a respectably married woman, a daring law enforcement officer, a tennis player or a go getter corporate exec.. just love to build those stories around myself.. silly me 🙂 Deeps

    • Hey Deepti!

      Crossthinker is an interesting term. But I think you are only into fantasising because you are not able to put into actions because of privacy issues. I have imagined several portrayals as you have. I think we all have imagined being a housewife, a college girl, or a sexy model. You can write to me on chatbuddy1987@gmail.com if you wish to be my friend. 🙂

  4. It’s hard to find sensible straight forward no fuss bloggers on this CD subject, glad I found one here.. Thanks to TOI article;). Hope to read interesting and more over mind share on these topics…:)

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